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“As it was in the Days of Noah …”

11 July 2016

This is a rather long video of the opening in Switzerland of the new 35 mile Gotthard Base Tunnel, said to be the longest and deepest in the world.  When I watched it I was completely stunned, shocked at the blatant satanism and paganism that was displayed in the presence of many of Europe’s most powerful and influential leaders, including Matteo Renzi, Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande. This was done openly and without any sign of shame. It was profoundly weird, and darkly horrific. The satanic imagery used throughout the ceremony is impossible to miss. We are, I think, now living in times much like the days of Noah.

(If you don’t have the time to watch both videos, then watch the second one.)


Part One

Part Two



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  1. ctmiller8492 permalink
    20 January 2023 3:08 pm

    Disturbing, yes, but I can’t tell what it’s meaning is.

    • 20 January 2023 5:14 pm

      The central figure in this satanic production is the man in the goat costume that bears a striking resemblance to Baphomet.
      In the occult world, Baphomet is a human embodiment of Satan. In the ceremony, the “goat-man” dies. Then the “goat-man” recovers from his fatal wound. After that the “goat-man” is worshipped by everyone else. Then the “goat-man” is crowned as the ruler of the world. Isn’t that a depiction of the one commonly known as the Antichrist?
      There have long been in existence secret occult societies that have conducted dark rituals in secret, but in our time they are bolder and are coming out into the open.

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