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“You don’t have to leave your brain at the door” – Can we please stop saying this?

13 December 2013

Many Episcopalians are in the habit of referring to TEC as “The thinking man’s church,” and say things like, “In the Episcopal Church you don’t have to leave your brains at the door.”

There has to be a less arrogant, self-congratulatory, and self-deceptive way to express whatever good thing we want to embrace in such slogans. This is a great post addressing this terrible habit of many Episcopalians.

A Desert Father

“The Episcopal Church is a church where you can come in without leaving your brain at the door and then have the opportunity to love all of those who managed to come in with their ‘wrong’ ideas.” — The Rt Revd Leo Frade, Bishop of the Diocese of Southeast Florida

“We deeply love the intellectual as well as the spiritual life that is cultivated in our members (‘you don’t need to leave your mind at the door’)” – Progress Report from the Task Force  for Re-Imagining the Church

Yesterday I saw these quotes pop up in two different places.  As I read the report from the Task Force, I had a difficult time reading after the “mind at the door” line.  I found myself thinking, “Is this what we want a reimagined Church to emphasize?”

I get what people are saying when this line is put out there – many…

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