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“few Americans understand the devastatingly destructive role their country plays”

17 November 2022
The Fall of Babylon, by John Martin


“When American voters cast their ballots last week, foreign policy was probably not at the top of their list of concerns. Misinformed by mainstream media to the point of virtual cognitive impairment, few Americans understand the devastatingly destructive role their country plays on the world stage. So there is something symbolically apropos about the spectacle of clueless Pennsylvania voters sending a cognitively-impaired senator to Washington to serve under a cognitively-impaired president, while a subset of those voters elected a dead man to state office.”

Kevin Barrett, Substack

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  1. Paladin permalink
    17 November 2022 1:20 pm

    Since 2020 I do not recognize my country, except by comparison to Russia in 1917, to Weimar Germany in 1935 to China in 1955 and, most frightening, to Canada and Australia in 2022, both of which were culturally and legally very much like the USA and both of which were free countries until 2020, but both of which in 2022 are no longer free countries.

  2. ctmiller8492 permalink
    17 November 2022 4:09 pm

    No future election will be trustworthy. If the Democrats have stolen the election with voter tampering, they will now know they can do it with impunity. Even if every American voted Republican, the Democrats will use this power to manipulate the totals to guarantee victory forever. They might allow some Republicans to win to create the illusion of a real election, but only for awhile. Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Given such power the Democrats will eventually move to eliminate elections entirely. Why bother with the charade when they know they’ll win anyway?

  3. Gary H permalink
    17 November 2022 4:54 pm

    After forty years of the left working to indoctrinate the young through education and mislead via mass media, including social media, I’m not convinced that this is simply cheating. The young and single women are two groups that put the Democrats in power. Abortion until birth and apathy / lack of personal interest in self education overcame inflation and all the rest. The pain will be greater in two years, but the biggest obstacle to positive change might just be Trump’s ego combined with the war against Trump, which has no limit. Unfortunately, Trump will prevent DeSantis from turning this country around. Trump was a great president, but he is also toxic.
    Time for all of you to move out of the deep blue states. Join me in Texas, or move to Florida, Wyoming…. I moved out of California, where in many races only 50% of votes have been counted. You will never see election fairness in a state full of subjects ruled by self appointed aristocracy.

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