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“The illusion of a temporary passport”

17 April 2021


“Why care in the first place? After all, doesn’t a vaccine passport solve the pandemic, as it ensures that possibly infected people do not mingle with those who are vulnerable? 

“The fear needs to be this: If it is introduced, the vaccine passport is unlikely to be just a temporary measure. The COVID passport is likely to see the same evolution as today’s common travel passport. The existing travel passport only dates back to the early 20th century, at the early stages of World War I. Warring nations France, Germany, and Italy were the first to introduce passports in 1914 to keep better track of “enemy” citizens and their movements. 

“Under the U.N.’s predecessor, the League of Nations, a passport conference was held in 1925 in an effort to remove these war-time restrictions and restore freedom of movement, but to no avail. Those who argued that seven years past the Great War’s end security concerns remained won the debate. Instead, the conference decided on uniformity by introducing an international passport standard that we still use today.

“The illusion of a temporary passport is just that, an illusion. “

Bob Wirtz


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  1. Christopher R permalink
    17 April 2021 12:43 pm

    The requirement for vaccine passports to take part in much of life will become a permanent fixture which will never go away. This is actually a huge social change which is largely not being debated at all. Much like how the implementation of a universal surveillance state after 9/11 was done under the auspices of fear without any meaningful debate.
    The road to hell is incremental and paved with good intentions.

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