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The United States is going to lose the next World War.

10 April 2021




Lastly, the intellectual level and the level of awareness of modern American elites is in a precipitous decline, which inevitably resulted in the embarrassment of America’s last elections, especially scandalous debate between two geriatric candidates in 2020, which paraded the US as Springeresque tawdry TV show. Resultant loss of a legitimacy and yet another confirmation of the America’s position as a non-agreement capable entity hardly serve as boosters for America’s already tarnished reputation as a big-mouth bully and its elites being uncultured and uneducated.

The United States already fails to meet a number criteria imperative for the status of superpower, among which a military one is crucial. If some American military “strategists” still exercised a suicidal idea of fighting Russia conventionally in Ukraine in 2014, today in 2021 such an idea is downright mad, because the United States cannot win conventional war in Russia’s vicinity and any US force will be annihilated. This leaves the United States only two options:

1 — Indeed, believing its own propaganda, try to unleash mayhem in Ukraine, provoke Russia into a direct military operation and then introduce whatever the force US and NATO will muster into the theater of operations. Any such plan is bound to fail miserably because not only such a force will be annihilated but participating NATO nations will face the possibility of their military installations destroyed by stand-off weapons. That raises the possibility of US escalating to nuclear threshold which means that the United States may cease to exists as a country. This is an undesirable plan and majority of US policy makers, bar some severe cases of psychological Russophobic disorders which are numerous in the current Administration and America’s elites, understand what it means. So, while not completely impossible, a probability for such a plan being implemented is fairly low. Not to mention the fact that for the US to fight conventionally around Russia will require assembly of the force which will dwarf whatever was assembled for the First Gulf War. There, the United States had almost 6 months to do so.

2 — So, what’s left realistically is to push Ukraine into the suicidal campaign with Russia being designated aggressor before even the first shots are fired. What the United States does not recognize is the fact that this unties Russia’s hands who already has an overwhelming escalation dominance not only over Ukraine, but whatever might be attempted in terms of “support” for irrational regime in Kiev. Russia has many options, the United States has one—it needs war in Donbass, which, Washington’s thinking goes, will allow to drive Europeans into submission, which allegedly should allow the United States to save her hegemonic status. It will not even if Europe is driven into submission.”

Paul Craig Roberts

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  1. JYang permalink
    11 April 2021 12:54 pm

    For the USA to “help” the warmongering Ukrainians we would have to send in real US Army mechanized infantry! I guess we did do that in Desert Storm, but the Iraqis famously took off their uniforms and fled rather than fight. The Russians aren’t going to do that in their own backyard.

    Another reason to watch it is it pre-figures possible conflict in the USA. The Ukrainians refer to the people they are fighting as insurgents and separatists. So Ukraine was willing to use tanks on their own people to force them to stay in the country. It’s interesting to watch. Ir reminds me of a lot of bullshit sessions over beers with a couple close friends (one a Vietnam vet, the other a retired Major) where we ponder: Which side would the Army be on if Texas (or whichever) decided to split off? Well if they followed the Ukraine model they would throw everything at them. (And Texas et. al don’t have Russia to back stop them.)

  2. ctmiller8492 permalink
    11 April 2021 1:26 pm

    China, Iran, and Russia are pissing their pants laughing at us.

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