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Athanasius Mitilinaios: “how will one confess the name of Christ and not bow down to the Antichrist?”

1 April 2021


“During former times of persecution my beloved, a bodily form of torture was certain, but there was never any sort of direct influence (alteration) of the mind and soul. In the martyrdom of the last days, there will be a manipulation of the soul, and the methods used will be most satanic. Why?

Because they will inject chemical substances inside of you (vaccines). That will paralyze your nous, your volition, your freedom, It will alter your sense of personal feeling, and detract (misdirect) your mind/nous. These things have been tested and are widely known!

Having said this, how will one confess the name of Christ and not bow down to the Antichrist?

What a terrifying form of martyrdom! That is why, fleeing is necessary! I repeat once more. Fleeing will be necessary. Because we do not know if we can endure such a type of martyrdom.

How will we react? What will be our stance, disposition, and desire when they inject us with such chemicals?

Another element is delusion. At least the ancient martyrs clearly knew the difference between Christianity and idolatry. He knew that as a Christian he was faced against idolatry and had to put up a fight! Now Christianity (and the Church administrations) have become secularized – things are not so clear anymore!

“The faith has become compromised and vague! One of the most fascinating and captivating elements will be that of miracle-working. The Antichrist will do many miracles. The pagans did not perform miracles!

“In General, the deception will prevail and the truth will be indistinguishable for secularized Christians.

That’s why our Lord says, ‘And many false Christ’s and prophets will arise, that will work marvelous signs and wonders, so as to deceive even the elect.’”     

Elder Athanasius Mitilinaios








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  1. Nina permalink
    11 May 2021 12:51 pm

    Hello Fr,

    Are you able to be so kind and share with me the source for this post? Where did you find the writings of Athanasios Mitiliainos? When did he say the above and how did you come across this?

    Many thanks!

    • 11 May 2021 2:49 pm

      I cannot remember for certain which book I took it from but I believe it to be Revelation: The Triumph of the Lamb. I say that because that is the most recent one that I have read. If you are interested in reading more from him you can buy his commentary on the Revelation to John at

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