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Cyril of Alexandria: “For He was full of grace and truth”

30 April 2020

Cyril of Alexandria




“Having said that the Word became flesh, that is, a human being, and having brought Him down to brotherhood with things created and in bondage, He preserves intact with this verse (John 1:15, ‘And we have beheld His glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth’) the dignity befitting the divine and shows Him again full of the distinctive property of the Father that is present within Him. For the divine nature is truly immutable in Itself, not susceptible of change into anything else, but rather always remaining the same, and retains Its own prerogatives. Therefore even though the Evangelist says that the Word became flesh, he is not asserting that He was overcome by the infirmities of the flesh, or that He fell away from His original power and glory when He clothed Himself in our frail and inglorious body. For we have seen His glory, He says, a glory surpassing that of others, and which one should confess befits the Only-begotten Son of God the Father. For He was full of grace and truth.”

St. Cyril of Alexandria







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