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John Stott: “A common truth and life”

12 March 2020

John Stott



“A common truth and life. The Christian unity for which Christ prayed in John 17:20- 23 was not primarily unity with each other, but unity with the apostles (a common truth) and unity with the Father and the Son (a common life). The visible, structural unity of the church is a proper goal. Yet it will be pleasing to God only if it is the visible expression of something deeper, namely unity in truth and in life. In our ecumenical concern, therefore, nothing is more important than the quest for more apostolic truth and more divine life through the Holy Spirit. As William Temple put it, ‘the way to the union of Christendom does not lie through committee-rooms, though there is a task of formulation to be done there. It lies through personal union with the Lord so deep and real as to be comparable with his union with the Father.'”  

John R. W. Stott







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  1. Tony permalink
    12 March 2020 3:27 pm

    This is precisely how St. Ignatius of Antioch puts it in his Letter to the Smyrnaens. Would that more people approached things this way.

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