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Maximos the Confessor: “the rest found in total contemplation”

5 September 2019

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“It is absolutely necessary that everything will cease its willful movement towards something else when the ultimate beauty that satisfies our desire appears. In so far as we are able we will participate without being restricted, as it were, being uncontainably contained. All our actions and every sublime thought will tend eagerly towards that end in which all desire comes to rest and beyond which they cannot be carried. For there is no other end towards which all free movement is directed than the rest found in total contemplation by those who have reached that point… For nothing besides God will be known, nor will there be anything opposed to God that would entice one to desire it. Instead, when God’s ineffable majesty is made known, all intellectual and sensible things will be encompassed by Him. It is like the light from the stars. The stars do not shine in the day. When the greater and incomparable light of the sun appears, they are hidden and cannot be seen by the senses. With respect to God this is even more so, for God is infinite, and uncreated things cannot be compared to created things.”

St. Maximos the Confessor




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