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Rod Dreher: “Woke Capitalism is the enemy”

7 July 2019

Woke Capitalism.jpg



“It is long past time for socially conservative US Christians, and fellow travelers, to rid themselves of reflexive free-market fundamentalism, and to understand that Woke Capitalism is the enemy. The Polish government is standing up to multinational cultural imperialism. Good for them. Contrast the Law & Justice Party to our own mute and gutless GOP, which values Big Business over a category of citizens who are increasingly despised by cultural and corporate elites, who will not rest until they have ramrodded their cultural politics into every sphere of life.”

Rod DreherRod Dreher






Read the whole article here.


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  1. Baccalus permalink
    11 July 2019 10:56 am

    A slave that does not attempt to break free from slavery deserves slavery twofold.

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