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Hesychios the Priest: “self-will”

7 April 2019



“We should of our own free choice gladly cut off our whole will through obedience. In this way, with God’s help, we shall become to some degree tractable and free from self-will. It is good to acquire this art, for then our bile will not be aroused and we shall not excite our incensive power unnaturally and uncontrollably, and so be deprived of communion with God in our unseen warfare. If we do not voluntarily cut off our self-will, it will become enraged with those who try to compel us to cut it off; and then our incensive power will become abusively aggressive and so destroy that knowledge of the warfare which we have gained only after great effort. The incensive power by nature is prone to be destructive. If it is turned against demonic thoughts it destroys them; but if it is roused against people it then destroys the good thoughts that are in us. In other words, the incensive power, although God-given as a weapon or a bow against evil, can be turned the other way and used to destroy good thoughts as well, for it destroys whatever it is directed against.”

Saint Hesychios the PriestHesychios the Priest.jpg

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