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“if you were looking to exterminate a people”

17 July 2018

working mom



“The fact is, if you were looking to exterminate a people, by that I mean destroy their culture and identity, the first thing you would do is put the women to work. It’s not an accident that invaders who kill off the men and marry the women almost always adapt to the culture they conquered. That’s because the culture of a people is their women. Men have a role, but primarily as the guardians of the engine of their culture. Women are the ovens that bake the bread. Take away the oven and there can be no bread.

By ripping women out of their homes and putting them to work like field slaves, modernity has destroyed the natural framework of society. The state has tried to fill the void, which is why per capita, inflation adjusted government spending has quadrupled as women moved from the home to the workplace. All that government supervision of children and maintenance of synthetic community organizations comes with a direct cost, which shows up in paychecks and the cost of goods. It’s one reason the middle class is broke.”

The Z Blog

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  1. HOOVER permalink
    8 November 2019 1:32 pm

    The greatest trouble of our men (as a generic title) is their immaturity, the greatest trouble of our women is that they are like pure milk made to spoil. The girl begins as a pure creature, whose entire being is a vestige of heavenly beauty, they learn to exploit their beauty and the devotion of men. They become a cup of debauchery and whither into bitter whores, drunken on the abuse of men’s hearts and the lust of beastmen. The corruption of the girl into the she-beast is catastrophic , guard the virginity and innocence of the girl against lascivious apemen and lusty satyrs.

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