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Geert Wilders: “Our democracies have become fake democracies.”

28 November 2017

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“Our democracies in the Western half of Europe have been subverted. Their goal is no longer to do what the people want. On the contrary, our political elites often do exactly the opposite. Our parliaments promote open-door policies that the majority of the people reject. Our governments sell out sovereignty to the EU against the will of the people. Our rulers welcome ever more Islam, although the majority of the people oppose it.

Our democracies have become fake democracies. They are multi-party dictatorships, ruled by groups of establishment parties. They wheel and deal, often selling away the principles for which they have been elected. The establishment parties control everything, not just the politicians in their pay, but also the top brass of the civil service, the mainstream media, even the courts. Parties such as mine are excluded from coalition talks. They call us “populists” because we stand for what the people want. They even drag us to court.”

Geert Wilders,

Wilders is a politician,  founder of and the current leader of the Party for Freedom,(Partij voor de Vrijheid – PVV) in Holland.



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  1. Jo Jo Cintia permalink
    28 November 2017 2:13 pm

    Islam has spread by terror, beheading, mass rapes, and looting for 1400 years, all of it sanctioned by the mad prophet Muhammed in his Koran, which is a mass murder and conquest plan.

  2. Ted Striker permalink
    28 November 2017 2:54 pm

    A brutal religious civil war, or slow submission to Islam. At this point Europe has no other paths forward.

    • SamSamm77 permalink
      28 November 2017 3:18 pm

      Surely the mass exodus of people into Europe like in 2015 will not be allowed to happen again. Even the German people as guilt ridden and socially conditioned as they are will not allow this to continue. The general public are seeing the negative consequences both economically and socially. Thus the rise of the AFD and similar right wing parties throughout Europe. It is a difficult if not impossible problem but the answer cannot be to allow anyone who wants the opportunity to be able to settle in Europe. It is simply not sustainable.

  3. Random Guy permalink
    25 December 2017 12:49 am

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