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A Very British Police State.

7 July 2017

A hero is someone who takes a stand when the odds are not in his failure, and is able to buttress the weaknesses of others with his strength. A hero is able to lift up his neighbors and give them the strength and will to do what they need to do.

Genuine heroes are very rare, Tommy Robinson is one of them. Mr.Robinson is not a part of what is referred to as “the governing class.” I don’t know what level of education he has, or what his personal wealth is.  My guess is that he did not go to Oxford or Cambridge and that he is not rich. But Tommy Robinson has put his livelihood, and perhaps his life, on the line for his country and his children’s future. He is a hero.

If things don’t change, Americans may, somewhere down the line, be facing their own version of what he describes.  If we aren’t already.


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