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Justin Raimondo: “A dark cloud is hanging over the [United States]”

16 June 2017

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“The anti-Russian hysteria that has gripped the liberal precincts of this nation has two sources.  First is ideology.  The Russians rejected socialism, a sin for which they must be punished.  Furthermore, they rejected the plutocratic neoliberalism the West tried to impose on them during the Yeltsin years.  Instead, they embraced a form of Russian nationalism that sought to reconnect with their nation’s history, and religion—Orthodoxy—became prominent once again.  In Western liberal circles, this is equated with “fascism,” and it is now progressive doctrine that Russia is behind the nationalist upsurges that are upending the European Union, that socialist superstate unfettered by either culture or constitutional restraints.


The second is political opportunism.  The anti-Trump crowd really believe they can overthrow the President—impeach and perhaps even jail him—on the strength of bogus charges of “collusion” with the Kremlin.  This is the natural consequence of their status as the self-conscious “elites” whom Trump vowed to defeat: The political class in this country pays lip service to “democracy,” but they don’t really believe in it, and never did.  Their conceit doesn’t allow for it.  What they really believe is that any government that doesn’t recognize their perks and prerogatives is illegitimate and that, as a result, they have a duty to overthrow it.

Just let them try it.  They may even succeed.  But then comes the backlash, the rising of Flyover Country, as the peasants with pitchforks lay siege to the castle: What comes after Trump will make the loquacious real-estate mogul look like Adlai Stevenson.  Trumpism is a mild form of American nationalism: It is inchoate, flexible, and not nearly as dark as it could be.  If the combined efforts of the Democrats, the McCain Republicans, and the Deep State succeed in driving him from office, the anger and frustration of those who put him there won’t disappear—indeed, it will grow in intensity and scale until it explodes.  And that explosion will destroy the political class in this country—and, perhaps, take the federal government down with it.”

Justin Raimondo


Read his article, titled The Coming Backlash, here.

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