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John Davidson: “The American Left is Talking Itself Into Violence”

15 June 2017

leftist violence.jpg


“Something is wrong with the American Left. The recent spate of violent protests on college campuses has been well-documented, but the violence and intolerance championed by left-wing student activists is beginning to creep off campus and into mainstream public life.

The reason for this is straightforward enough: although progressives pride themselves on their putative tolerance and diversity, the imperatives of leftist politics are fundamentally illiberal. Justice imposed through power is the philosophical foundation of the political left, and when earnest progressives become convinced the only avenue to power is violence, their tolerance quickly falls by the wayside. Consider a few recent events, none of which involved college protesters but all of which were marked by threats of violence.”

John Daniel Davidson, May 12, 2017


Read the rest of the article in, The Federalist, here.


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  1. Christopher Herrmann permalink
    15 June 2017 3:40 pm

    My worst fear is that these nuts really do not understand the size and scope of the the sleeping giant they are awakening. If middle America becomes convinced they need to protect their children from the left we are in for a very bad time. And I very much want a peaceful and civil society.

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