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Jay Dyer: “American churchianity, and the West in general, are a giant atheism factory.”

11 June 2017

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“American churchianity, and the West in general, are a giant atheism factory.  The clowns and carnival barkers that make up the “religious establishment” are some of the worst human beings imaginable.  Don’t misunderstand me – this isn’t the diatribe of some rebellious teen fresh off of my first copy of a Nietzsche text, these are the experiences of someone who has spent decades in these various sects and congregations.   The rot of these institutions has many sources, the more theological of which, I outlined in my video on the Decline of the West.

As I’ve mentioned, the mass promotion of atheism lacks the power of any real hold on man’s heart because man is a god-worshipping being.   For the classical American Protestant, for example, the Constitution becomes the new inspired text, the “founding fathers” become the new church fathers, America becomes the new “city on a hill” slash mystical body of Christ, and the “invisible hand” of the free market is the new divine providence.   For the modern “rational atheist,” Darwin becomes a new prophet with the scientific method transfigured into mythic grand narrative and its attendant priesthood of inaccessible lab coat hierarchs.  Under the guise of reason and science, scientism actually becomes a halfway house to the most bizarre, state-funded fringe cult ideologies and false mysticism expressed UFO cults, new age movements, transhumanism, paganism, Odinism, Crowleyanism, U.N.-based ecumenism and countless other man-made concoctions.”


And this:

“In our day, the new state cult takes many forms, and is not merely an orgy cult in D.C. (though that obviously exists).  For the Americanized evangelical dupe reading these passages, the source of the problem would be located in the state itself – the government.  This Americanist libertarian presupposition is obviously utterly foreign to biblical religion which, throughout the entire books of the kings (and a thousand other places) condemns Jeroboam’s heresy of religious liberty.   It is the presupposition of placing Jehovah on the same level as Baal and Ashtoreth from which one may freely choose like a buffet that is the root of the apostasy of Jeroboam.   Indeed, the entire ethos of America is built on the false presupposition that religious liberty means the freedom to erect a tax free religious cult for Jesus, Satan or even a hybrid of both like Charles Manson proffered.   The Ten Commandments, which I hope some believers might be aware of, actually forbids absolute religious liberty – you shall have no other gods.”

Jay Dyer


Read more here.

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