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Bishop Grafton: “those sacramental gifts”

31 May 2017

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“First, as to the sectarians. We must recognize that all duly baptized are united to Christ, and extend our love to all Christians by whatever name they call themselves. Their spiritual ancestors in England went out from the Mother Church, and they have inherited the results of the schism. The devout among them have found Christ and feel assured of their acceptance in Him. In their walk with the Lord they have found Him precious to their souls. So rich is the Gospel as they possess it, that it is difficult for them to realize there is a fuller spiritual life vouchsafed through participation of the sacraments of the Catholic Church. They do not see this spiritual result in the many worldly and indifferent churchmen, and so conclude that it is not to be found in the Church. God in His dear love is, however, drawing souls desirous of a closer union with Himself into the fuller embrace of those sacramental gifts which the Church alone can give.”
The Rt. Rev. Charles Chapman Grafton, Bishop Diocese of Fond du Lac (Episcopal)

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