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Abbot Tryphon: “the way of humility, the way of the Lord”

6 April 2017

Abbot Tryphon.jpg


“The recently glorified St. Sophrony of Essex, England, himself the spiritual son and biographer of St. Silouan of the Holy Mountain, wrote that the empirical existence is like a pyramid: at the top sit the powerful of the earth, who exercise dominion over others, and at the bottom stand the common people, who demand equality and justice and who are not satisfied with this “pyramid of being.”

Christ, however, took this pyramid and inverted it, putting Himself at the bottom, becoming its Head. In taking upon Himself the weight of our sin, He showed us that we must go downward to be united with Him, the Head of the inverted pyramid, because it is there that the fragrance of the Holy Spirit is found. At the bottom of this inverted pyramid, the power of divine life is found. It is therefore essential for us to find the way to go down, which is the way of humility, the way of the Lord.”

Abbot Tryphon, The Morning Offering


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