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Benedict Groeschel: “What do we do when life doesn’t make sense?”

18 January 2017

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“We don’t like to think about the inescapable fact that human life is a quickly passing experience, a river swiftly moving. Part of the answer to the question “What do we do when life doesn’t make sense?” is the recognition of that fact. We need to grasp that all things we experience, even the most precious, the love of family and friends, are passing. Any harm or pain that the failure of loved ones brings us is also passing. Life does not simply pass. It goes on into something more beautiful or more terrible, to salvation or to eternal loss. Life’s purpose and our attitude toward it must be defined by this conviction if we are believers…
Those who have lived well, though they may have been very poor and subject to much injustice, will be prepared for the Kingdom of God. And those who have lived badly will encounter the message of the Cross, but this will be for judgment. Don’t doubt it…for the innocent, for those who have struggled, for those who have repented, the discordant and painful themes of life will be changed into the music of eternity.”

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Arise from the Darkness

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