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Leonard of Port Maurice: “come, O Jesus, I beseech Thee, come”

21 December 2016

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“Come, Thou, bread of angels and satisfy the cravings of my soul; come, Thou, glowing furnace of charity, and inflame my soul with the fires of divine love; come, Shepherd divine, and guide me; come, Eternal father, my hope, my life, my joy, and source of all my happiness; come, Thou dearest object of all my aspirations; come, Thou comforter of the sorrowful, light supernal of the soul; come, Thou, who art the solace and refreshment fo the weary; come to me, O Thou, for whom the nations prayed, and for whom the patriarchs sighed! come to me, O Thou, the desired of ages, joy of angels, glory of the heavens, supreme delight of the saints! come to me, for I yearn for Thee; come to me, for Thou hast transpierced me with the arrows of Thy love; come, delay not, for my heart waxes faint, and I feel that I cannot exist without Thee; come, O Jesus, I beseech Thee, come.”

St. Leonard of Port Maurice

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