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“What if progressive fear of traditional religion isn’t based on a delusion?”

17 December 2016



“[Christians] incite liberal wrath in part because they profane liberal progressive ‘faith,’ a kind of hedonistic pseudo-religion that focuses intensely on sex. The primary sacraments of progressivism are sexual self-expression (especially in non-heterosexual forms) and abortion, both of which represent for progressives the vanquishing of nature in the name of unfettered personal autonomy. Christians keep stubbornly insisting that the body, in its natural form, has moral significance. That’s a deeply offensive message to the devout progressive.”

And this:

“What if progressive fear of traditional religion isn’t based on a delusion? Perhaps liberals correctly perceive that their cultural dominance is fragile and already beginning to crumble. Perhaps they fear Christians because they accurately identify is as the most significant cultural force outside of liberal progressivism itself. Perhaps they sense that traditionalists, even when relegated to a counter-culture, have the cultural resources to challenge their hegemony.”

And this:

“Ostensibly obsessed with “inclusion” and “diversity,” progressives are morphing into exactly the sorts of villains that populate their own favorite morality tales.”


Rachel Lu, writing in The Federalist


Read more here.

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