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Stephen Freeman: “Lying is a lousy policy no matter who does it.”

14 December 2016

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“An American Senator, opining on the nominee for Sec’y of State, said that we need someone committed to our “ethical” position.

I’m pondering the “ethics” of American involvement in Syria. We speak of the need to replace Assad because he is bad, oppressive to his people. And our ethics tell us to support Saudia Arabia’s efforts to bring him down (and install a regime friendly to Saudia Arabia). But Assad is not even in the same ballpark as the Saudi’s when it comes to human rights and oppression. There are protected religious minorities in Assad’s Syria. There are no religious minorities in Arabia.

There is a word for our “ethics”: oil.

We indeed need an ethical foreign policy, and not just one convenient for money. When we say, “American interests,” what do we mean? We mean “money.”

Either speak the truth and say, “Money,” when you mean it. But don’t call it “interests,” much less, “ethics.”

Lying is a lousy policy no matter who does it.

Fr.Stephen Freeman

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