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Don’t try to rationalize or apologize for Castro.

26 November 2016

Fidel Castro Gesturing While Speaking at Podium on Reprisals


Fidel Castro was one of the 20th century’s many monsters and I lament only that he had so long a time in which to inflict misery on Cuba and beyond. Pray for God’s mercy on his soul, but other than that there is little to mourn in Castro’s passing. Don’t try to rationalize or apologize for Castro’s decades of brutal repression, torture, and murder. Regardless of what the Social Justice Warriors, and their allies in the media might lead you to believe, he didn’t fight for freedom; he destroyed it. Don’t buy into the lies about a “Communist paradise” or “good health care”. Many prisons have good health care and education but they are still prisons. There are no moral gymnastics that are able to excuse his brutal dictatorship. A paradise doesn’t need barbed wire to keep people in.

A truly wicked life has come to an end. May God have mercy on his soul.




A visit to the dystopian Havana that tourists never see.

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  1. 26 November 2016 10:33 pm

    Well said

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