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Lord Have mercy upon us.

8 November 2016



Michael Brendon Dougherty, writting in The Week, hit a bullseye in his summing up of the choice the people of the United States have to make today. These two horrible candidates are but a reflection of who we have become as a nation, what we value, what we don’t value. We as a people have chosen a wicked path and this is what we deserve. Kyrie Eleison.

Here are some excerpts.


“In 2016, self-described conservatives, the supposed defenders of the eternal verities, our national traditions, and family values, are rallying to the side of a cretinous, amoral lecher and thief. And liberals, the friends of the little guy and advocates of friendship among all races of men, are siding with a desiccated grifter and war hawk.”

And this.

“I have lost my illusions about my political allies. Everyone seems to recognize the world tipping into craziness, and they respond by holding on tighter to their own version of craziness.”

And this:

“I look at the headlines, our candidates, our political parties, our civic life, and mostly what occurs to me is that God has given us over to ourselves in this election, and he lets us make fools of ourselves with it.”


The whole article here.

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