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“From polluted lips accept Thou a prayer”

31 October 2016



“From polluted lips accept Thou a prayer, O unblemished, pure and most-pure Virgin Theotokos, and despise not my words, O my Joy, but look down on me and have pity, O Mother of my Maker. During my lifetime do Thou not abandon me, for Thou knowest, O Mistress, that I place all my hope on thee and all mine aspiring is after thee. Wherefore, at the time also of my death, stand Thou before me, O my helper, and be not then ashamed of me. For I know, O Virgin, that I am guilty of many sins, and I, the wretched one, tremble, contemplating that hour. But Thou, my Joy, reveal unto me then Thy presence, work Thy mercy marvelously upon me, O Mediatress of my salvation. Rescue me, O Mistress, from the cruelty of the demons, and from the fearsome and terrible trial of the spirits of the air, and deliver me from their malice, and transform all that grief and sorrow into joy by thine enlightenment and grant me to pass unharmed through the principalities and powers of darkness and to attain to worship at the throne of glory before Christ our God Who sitteth there with His Beginningless Father and All-Holy Spirit.”

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