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The Holy Archangel Michael

7 September 2016

The Holy Archangel Michael.jpg
Archangel of God
Michael the Commander,
The sword-bearing servant
Of the Lord Most-high.

He stands before the Lord
With the heavenly hosts,
With the mighty angels
And the holy souls.

The greatest commander
Of the Greatest King,
Wherever he goes, he conquers
And works miracles.

He is the one whom Satan
Fears like flame,
For the commander of God
Stands for truth.

He stands for truth,
And upholds justice;
Fast as sight
He can be anywhere swiftly.

The commander of light,
He drives the impure away,
And with his wings
Protects the faithful.


The Icon above, Archangel Michael Voyevoda, was written by Mikhail Voyevoda, Russian who lived in the 19th century.
The imagery is based on Revelations 12:7-9 where a cosmic war takes place between the Archangel Michael and the devil. Michael is shown as the ’Arch Strategist’ of the Heavenly Hosts (Greek: Archistrategos, Russian: Voyevoda) riding over the devil’s flaming abyss with the devil (note the second face at the place of the genitals) and the fallen cities of the world. He is arrayed as a warrior, riding a winged charger, blowing a trumpet, holding the Gospel Book and a censer of holy incense. A rainbow arches over his head. In the upper corner we see Christ the Logos of the Universe. (The Temple Gallery)

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