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Joe Boot: “reality isn’t socially constructed”

14 July 2016

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This is a very accurate analysis of the Anglican Communion’s present corruption.
“How can it be the case that the Spirit of God should consistently lead the church to modify their position to agree with moral and social shifts in an unbelieving world? How can the New Testament teach what church government, marriage, justice and human sexuality should be (for 1900 years) and yet the ‘Spirit’ now show the twentieth and twenty first century Anglican Church, by degree and through collective discernment, a contrary perspective? Welby says “Primate’s meeting, Lambeth Conferences and ACC’s are not a question of winning and losing, but of discerning.” It is ironic that the only loser in the church’s discernment seems to be God and his revealed Word when subjected to the infallible reception of the moment.
This lack of recognition was not hatred or mental illness, for the simple reason that reality isn’t socially constructed; you cannot define a new type of human being into existence with a few letters from the alphabet! There is only one type of human being and that is the male and female person made in God’s image, made for Holy Communion with each other and with their Maker – the male and female sexes that God has created to be in union with the other. Every form of redefinition of human beings by the imagination of man and every other sexual practice outside of God-ordained marriage constitutes a fundamental falsification and disordering of reality.”

Joe Boot


More here.

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