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Post modern America: where vice is celebrated, and virtue is condemned.

2 July 2016


Tim Tebow is getting a lot of criticism for praying for a dying man on a plane. Since when has the act of prayer been looked upon as incendiary and inflammatory?! I will tell you… Since the first prayer was ever uttered has it been so. Prayer is the most powerful, life-changing and courageous act a person can do! It is inflammatory because it offends the devil, the prince of this world. It is incendiary because it causes a dramatic change in the very fabric of the universe. Whatever you do… Do not cease praying! Prayer heals the sick, destroys enemies and kills sinfulness and pride. It drives away evil and doubt. It brings light into the darkness and transcends the gulf between heaven and earth!


If you haven’t yet heard about the incident, the story is here.



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