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Alexander Dugin: “liberalism is nihilist ideology”

19 March 2016

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“The liberalism is nihilist ideology. It insists on the liberty from any kind of collective identity but never suggests something positive. In the past competing with the totalitarian ideologies – communism or fascism – the liberalism was concrete and attractive because he negated the concrete totalitarianism positing itself as alternative. It was alternative really. But when the totalitarianisms were overcome the nihilistic nature of liberalism is revealed. It can only negate. It cannot affirm nothing. It is not the ideology of positive freedom, It is ideology of negative liberty. Yesterday it wasn’t so explicit. Now it is.”

–  Alexander Dugin

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  1. S.Reynolds permalink
    20 March 2016 11:42 am

    So true. I am glad to see that you know about Prof.Dugin!

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