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The pornification of our world & the death of history

16 March 2016



Perhaps it’s been a part of the American character from the start, but it has reached new heights of late. Otherwise seemingly well educated people who know just enough history to be outraged, but not enough to be wise. I just  read a very good article about that, written by Carl R. Trueman, in First Things, and would like to suggest it to you. Here is an excerpt:

“At the heart of this anti-historical present age, however, stands that great hero of our time: the sempiternal orgiast, the one who lives for the pleasure of the moment. Once the end of human existence was identified with happiness and happiness came to be identified with pleasure and pleasure came to be identified primarily with sexual gratification, the game was up for history. For the sempiternal orgiast has no need for history for he has no time—no past and no future, just the intensity of the pleasure of the present moment.

This is surely one of the most lethal but little noted impacts of the pornification of our world. Pornography is an anti-historical medium and thus it disrupts human identity at what is its most basic level, the history within which it is formed. It focuses on the pleasure of the moment and makes it a contextless event, without even the past-present-future of real human relationship. It offers a vision of humanity of merely solipsistic, hedonistic significance. Yes, pornography objectifies and commodifies the human body. Yes, it alters neural pathways. Yes, it hinders healthy relationships. But it also cultivates an understanding of the human self which is profoundly disconnected from historical context, from the cosmic to the individual and all points in between. And its significance is far-reaching. Even our current politics and dominant economic policies, concerned as they seem to be only for the immediate moment, bear all the marks of the pornified culture of the sempiternal orgiast.”


The whole article is here.

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  1. Blake Smith permalink
    11 December 2019 12:49 pm

    Not to be antisemitic or anything, but I think that watching too much porn is bad.


  1. Remember Lot’s Wife | The Road

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