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“America’s evangelicals just aren’t all that evangelical any more”

15 March 2016

Republican Presidential Candidates Speak At Values Voter Summit



There is an interesting and insightful recent article by Stephen Prothero in Politico Magazine, speculating on why so many American Evangelicals are supporting the candidacy of Donald Trump. He has so little in common with the beliefs and moral commitments that evangelicals traditionally have held. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“How can this be happening? … Some pundits have speculated that white evangelicals are attracted to Trump because his mammon-and-megalomania message resonates with the prosperity gospel of many evangelical megachurches, which emphasize health and wealth in this world over salvation in the next. Or perhaps evangelicals are drawn to Trump because they crave an authoritarian personality, which divides the world into black and white, the rulers and the ruled. Some see Trump’s rise as resulting from a fracturing of evangelical leadership; others see a breakdown between pulpit and pew. Or maybe “values voters” have morphed into “nostalgia voters”—fighting a culture war against an increasingly multi-religious and multiethnic society. Still others suggest it could be that white evangelicals view Trump as a modern day Cyrus—the Persian king who was not himself a believer but nonetheless made the Israelites great again, by releasing them from captivity, restoring them to their Promised Land, and rebuilding the Jerusalem Temple. There is some truth in most of these theories. But here is a simpler explanation, a profound change in the landscape that political observers have almost totally missed: America’s evangelicals just aren’t all that evangelical any more…”


The whole article can be found here.







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