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Chrysostom: “Christians damage Christ’s cause more than His enemies and foes”

10 October 2014


“I once used to deride secular rulers because they distributed honors, not on grounds of inherent merit, but of wealth or seniority or worldly rank. But when I heard that this stupidity had swaggered into our own affairs [within the Church] too, I no longer reckoned their actions so strange. For why should we be surprised that worldly people, who love the praise of the mob and do everything for money, should make this mistake, when those who claim to have renounced all these desires are no better? For although they are contending for heavenly rewards, they act as though they had to decide merely about acres of land or something else of the kind. They simply take common place men and put them in charge of those things for which the only begotten Son of God did not disdain to empty Himself of His own glory and to be made man and to receive the form of a servant and to be spitted upon and buffeted and to die the most shameful death. And they do not stop at this, but go on to other actions stranger still. . . Christians damage Christ’s cause more than His enemies and foes.”

– St. John Chrysostom, On the Priesthood, A.D. 386

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  1. Dave permalink
    10 October 2014 8:17 pm

    I came to see this point many years ago. Even when we might be on the mark theologically, our egotism makes us the reason many people seem to be rejecting God when in fact they are only rejecting us. Those people see only our self-idolatry and want nothing to do with the fraud.

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