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Do you believe in evolution?

12 August 2014


“So if someone asks, “Do you believe in evolution,” they are framing it wrong. That’s like asking, “Do you believe in blue?”
Evolution is nothing more than a fairly simple way of understanding what is unquestionably happening. You don’t believe in it — you either understand it or you don’t. But pretending evolution is a matter of faith can be a clever way to hijack the conversation, and pit it in a false duality against religion. And that’s how we end up with people decrying evolution, even as they eat their strawberries and pet their dogs, because they’ve been led to believe faith can only be held in one or the other.
‘But there’s no reason for people of faith to reject the mountains of data and the evidence of their own senses. Reconciling is easy: Believe, if you want to, that God set up the rules of evolution among His wonders, along with the laws of physics, and probability, and everything else we can see and measure for ourselves. But don’t deny evolution itself, or gravity, or the roundness of Earth. That’s just covering your eyes and ears. And only monkeys would do that.”


This is a very well reasoned article. Sure, I certainly believe we were all created by God in His own image. We just came via the long route (by our limited reckoning) from one to the other.

Read the whole article here.

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  1. Michael Redmond permalink
    12 August 2014 1:26 am

    Then there’s this:

  2. Dave permalink
    12 August 2014 1:44 am

    Reblogged this on Jordanfel's Blog and commented:
    Just too well said!

  3. Random Guy permalink
    7 February 2018 11:34 am

    Unfortunately, as often happens with the big scientific theories, evolution has become encrusted with all kinds of ideological baggage down the years. Today when Richard Dawkins recounts how Darwinian evolution enables him to be an ‘intellectually fulfilled atheist’, this only reinforces the idea that there must be something deeply anti-Christian about evolution. But the fact that evolutionary theory has been called upon to justify such a wide range of ideologies as communism, capitalism, racism and militarism, some of them mutually exclusive, should alert us to the dangers of extrapolating scientific theories into arenas in which they actually have little or nothing to say.

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