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Howard Zinn: “There is no flag large enough”

8 August 2014

Howard Zinn

“There is no flag large enough to cover the shame of killing innocent people.”
– Howard Zinn

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  1. 8 August 2014 4:14 am

    I just finished the nightly news and then saw this on my email. I didn’t like the news tonight and here is why…

    The Muslims killing of innocent Christians no matter what their particular name their church is that is a sin. Christianity needs to wake up to something. The Muslim world is at war with Christianity. They want a war of religions. They want to win that war no matter how many innocents they kill.

    I have read the Koran. I see nothing moderate Muslim tolerant in it. It is a book of conquer and not Gods peace. I don’t believe they have been hijacked by radical fundamentalist. At the same time any religion can be turned into conquer, war and the killing of innocents and Christian history proves Christianity is not immune to that.

    I have been thinking lately with all of the problems in the middle east if the anti-Christ and his kingdom will be the Muslim religion and nations. That is not a western Christian viewpoint, but the Bible was not written in a western Christian viewpoint. It was written in the cultural context of the middle east two thousand years ago. I find it interesting that it was written in the mid, that its origin is in the middle between east and west.

    I think Tim LaHaye and others like him got it western-centric wrong and just like the Eastern Orthodox have many things eastern-centric wrong about the second coming. I would say it is time we put theological differences aside and look at the threat of the Muslim religion to all of us who call ourselves Christians. They don’t care if you are east or west in your Christianity. They will bring the sin of murder to all innocent Christians.

    I cracked up, but took it seriously at the same time, when Isis said it is going to plant its Muslim flag on top of the White House by conquering us. I suppose they have never heard of the Second Amendment and what it would mean for them if they tried to invade. Do they not know what a Trident nuclear submarine with Trident MIRV missiles is? Yes, freedom of religion western capitalist democracy America is going to be turned into psychopathic Muslim cleric control over us. Christians and their churches here are just going to roll over and let that happen. These people are delusional and that makes them dangerous to innocent Christians or anyone else who does not go along with them.

    The Muslims want to conquer the world and they will murder as many innocents as necessary to accomplish that goal.

    Do American’s really know what their ally Saudi Arabia teaches their children in their schools? What country did the majority of the 9/11 terrorists come from and why did they come from there?

    Time to wake up American Christianity.

    (I love this blog. Spiritual, theological, philosophical and intellectual combined. Nothing like it on the web.)

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