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26 June 2012

Like many others I have warned before about the dangers of letting the Church become like a museum. Perhaps it’s an attitude of mine that I should reconsider.

A Desert Father

Yesterday, my wife and a friend of ours headed into New York to visit the Chinese consulate. If you have not experienced the efficiency, warmth, and clarity of dealing with the Chinese bureaucracy then you are the richer for it. However, shocking to us, the consulate seems to have reformed itself a bit. Rather than the 8 or more hours it can take simply to get to the window (and then be rejected for a visa) we were in and out (and approved) in about an hour.

This good turn left us with a whole day in New York!

So we decided to head off to the Metropolitan Museum. I was particularly excited about the Byzantium and Islam exhibit, the Chinese printing exhibit, and my favorite, the Arms and Armor exhibit. Also not to be missed is the relatively new Greek and Roman antiquities wing.

I have heard, more than…

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