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The use of Morning Prayer.

14 March 2012

(You can click on the link above to read the rest of the post from The Curates Desk.)

The former Archbishop of Canterbury, Michael Ramsey, very much an advocate for what was then called the Parish Communion movement warned that the loss of Matins would deprive the less committed, or the seeker, of a form of worship where they wouldn’t be expected to go further than they in fact were. Perhaps the use of the Holy Eucharist as a place to draw in outsiders was itself the very thing that has led to the demand for communion for the unbaptized?

A Desert Father

I generally do not re-post things that others have written.  However, occasionally one finds a piece and says “Ah Ha! I wish I had written that!”

Below is a post from “the Old High Churchman” on Morning Prayer as a complementary worship offering for parishes.  It seems especially important as the Church moves along in conversations about Communion without Baptism that we re-open and examine all of our options for evangelism and engagement before we redefine the Sacraments and upend their theological underpinnings (underpinnings that span Reformed, Catholic, and Orthodox Churches and denominations).

I have written more on this and my experience of Morning Prayer as the primary service on Sundays here.


Below is the post from The Old High Churchman:

Some thoughts about Morning Prayer

The last forty years have seen the almost complete disappearance of Morning Prayer as the principal act of public worship in Anglican Churches…

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