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The Costa Concordia disaster: Men without chests.

19 January 2012

National Review Online has a fine column about the disgraceful behavior of the captain and some of men aboard the cruise ship  Costa Concordia, that was grounded off the coast of Tuscany.  Of course one might ask this question; Since the spirit of our times is one of radical equality on one side, and on the other side radical individualism with no responsiblity towards others, then is there is any reason why the strong should not push the weak and vulnerable out of their way in their rush to the lifeboats?

“Every man for himself” is a phrase associated with the deadly Costa Concordia disaster, but not as a last-minute expedient. It appears to have been the natural order of things. In the words of one newspaper account, “An Australian mother and her young daughter have described being pushed aside by hysterical men as they tried to board lifeboats.” If the men of the Titanic had lived to read such a thing, they would have recoiled in shame. The Titanic’s crew surely would have thought the hysterics deserved to be shot on sight — and would have volunteered to perform the service.”

What does the Costa Concordia incident have to say to us about the question of the morals and courage of “men” who have had their character formed in the modern west?   I for one would rather see my sons behave like men of the 19th century rather than the 21st.

Read the whole column here.

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