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Are religion and science in conflict?

23 September 2011

The Huffington Post had an excellent column about science and religion yesterday.  The article describes the recent survey by sociologist Elaine Ecklund at Rice University showing that a majority of scientists say religion and science are not in conflict.

“Through her interviews, Ecklund said she found that the way scientists view the compatibility of religion and science is influenced by how they view religion itself. Scientists who see the two fields are incompatible are more likely to have a narrow view of religion, identifying it most with conservative strains of American evangelical Christianity. Meanwhile, Ecklund said, scientists who say science and religion as never in conflict often were of the view that “science comes from God, and God created it … or that science and religion are completely separate ways of viewing reality.” Overall, those who said religion is compatible with science tended to have a broader view of religion that included non-institutionalized spiritual practices, such as meditation.”

Read the whole column here.

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  1. Fulenwider permalink
    23 September 2011 1:52 pm

    Excellent site, thanks

  2. 28 May 2012 5:18 am

    Not at all The world was created by God the Father, and if so then what we see is evidence of His greatness a scince given for us to knwo he is God always there.

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