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George MacDonald on doubt.

25 April 2011


“Thou doubtest because thou lovest the truth. Some would willingly believe life but a phantasm, if only it might for ever afford them a world of pleasant dreams: thou art not of such! Be content for a while not to know surely. The hour will come, and that ere long, when, being true, thou shalt behold the very truth, and doubt will be forever dead. Scarce, then, wilt thou be able to recall the features of the phantom. Thou wilt then know that which thou canst not now dream. Thou hast not yet looked the Truth in the face, hast as yet at best but seen him through a cloud. That which thou seest not, and never didst see save in a glass darkly – that which, indeed, never can be known save by its innate splendour shining straight into pure eyes – that thou canst not but doubt, and art blameless in doubting until thou seest it face to face, when thou wilt no longer be able to doubt it. But to him who has once seen even a shadow only of the truth, and, even but hoping he has seen it when it is present no longer, tries to obey it – to him the real vision, the Truth himself, will come, and depart no more, but abide with him for ever.”

-George MacDonald from his novel, Lilith.

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  1. 9 June 2011 6:27 pm


    I run a weekly feature called Mondays with MacDonald on my blog. I’m always looking for great quotes from him, and I am thrilled to run across this gem here! Lilith is my favorite of his books, but I did not recall this wonderful quote.

    I’ll be using it this coming Monday, with a hat tip to this post. Thanks! 🙂


  1. Mondays with MacDonald (on hope and doubt) « Undeception

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