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Silouan the Athonite: “there is not greater happiness”

25 March 2017

Silouan the Athonite.jpg


“When the soul knows the love of God by the Holy Spirit, then he clearly feels that the Lord is our own Father, the closest, dearest Father, the best. And there is not greater happiness than to love God with all the mind and heart, and our neighbor as ourself. And when this love is in the soul, then all things bring joy to the soul.”

St. Silouan the Athonite

Gavin Ashenden: Revelation and social revolution

24 March 2017

A man of integrity, the Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden, explains why he has decided to leave the Church of England. It is soundly reasoned and obviously heartfelt.

John of Kronstadt: “see God in all things”

24 March 2017

John of Kronstadt


“A man becomes spiritual insofar as he lives a spiritual life. He begins to see God in all things, to see His power and might in every manifestation. Always and everywhere he sees himself abiding in God and dependent on God for all things. But insofar as a man lives a bodily life, so much he does he does bodily things; he doesn’t see God in anything, even in the most wondrous manifestations of His Divine power. In all things he sees body, material, everywhere and always – “God is not before his eyes.” (Ps. 35:2)”

St. John of Kronstadt

Basil the Great: “nothing, even the smallest thing, escapes the gaze of God”

23 March 2017

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“Do not say, “this happened by chance, while this came to be of itself.” In all that exists there is nothing disorderly, nothing indefinite, nothing without purpose, nothing by chance … How many hairs are on your head? God will not forget one of them. Do you see how nothing, even the smallest thing, escapes the gaze of God?”

St. Basil the Great

Seraphim of Sarov: “true hope seeks only the Kingdom of God”

22 March 2017

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“If a man has no worries about himself at all for the sake of love toward God and the working of good deeds, knowing that God is taking care of him, this is a true and wise hope. But if a man takes care of his own business and turns to God in prayer only when misfortunes come upon him which are beyond his power, and then he begins to hope in God, such a hope is vain and false. A true hope seeks only the Kingdom of God… the heart can have no peace until it obtains such a hope. This hope pacifies the heart and produces joy within it.”

St. Seraphim of Sarov

Silouan the Athonite: “be humble and come to know God”

22 March 2017

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“Many rich and powerful men would pay dearly to see the Lord or His Most Pure Mother, but God does not appear in riches, but in the humble heart… Every one of the poorest men can be humble and come to know God. It needs neither money nor reputation to come to know God, but only humility.”

St. Silouan the Athonite

Barsanuphius the Great: “fear nothing”

21 March 2017

Barsanuphius the Great


“Having God, fear nothing, but cast all of your care upon Him, and He will take care of you. Believe undoubtingly, and God will help you according to His mercy.”

St. Barsanuphius the Great