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Anthony Mary Claret: “Love is the most necessary of all virtues”

21 November 2017

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“Love is the most necessary of all virtues. Love in the person who preaches the word of God is like fire in a musket. If a person were to throw a bullet with his hands, he would hardly make a dent in anything; but if the person takes the same bullet and ignites some gunpowder behind it, it can kill. It is much the same with the word of God. If it is spoken by someone who is filled with the fire of charity- the fire of love of God and neighbor- it will work wonders.”
-St. Anthony Mary Claret


Giulio Meotti: “The West today keeps on hiding its deepest secret”

20 November 2017




“The West today keeps on hiding its deepest secret: that there is an Islamic war going on against our own Judeo-Christian civilization. Few people in the West see in the media the houses of Christians in Mosul marked with an “N”. The Islamic State painted it for “Nasrani” (“Nazarene”) — Arabic for “Christian”. A genocide symbolized by one letter. But no one sees it or cares.
American television networks devoted six times more air-time to covering the death of a gorilla, Harambe, than they did to the Islamic State beheading 21 Coptic Christians on a beach in Libya, according to a study by the Media Research center. How is it possible that the killing of a gorilla moves the Western public more than 19 Yazidi girls burned alive in a cage? Few people saw the photograph of Khalid al Assad the brave archaeologist who refused to lead ISIS to the antiquities of Palmyra. The henchmen of ISIS beheaded him and hung him upside down. We turned away in horror.”

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Read the whole article here.

Anthony of Padua: “The creator of the heavens obeys a carpenter”

20 November 2017

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“The creator of the heavens obeys a carpenter; the God of eternal glory listens to a poor virgin. Has anyone ever witnessed anything comparable to this? Let the philosopher no longer disdain from listening to the common laborer; the wise, to the simple; the educated, to the illiterate; a child of a prince, to a peasant.”

St. Anthony of Padua

Gregory Nazianzus: “Give something”

19 November 2017

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“Give something, however small, to the one in need. For it is not small to one who has nothing. Neither is it small to God, if we have given what we could.”

St. Gregory Nazianzus

Viktor Orbán: “the intellectual and spiritual foundations of politics”

17 November 2017

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán speaking on Sunday in Budapest. God bless him and keep him safe.

An extended excerpt:

“My friends, all this might seems self-evident, and it even sounds good, but there is a rub! Countries in Europe decided that they will overstep their Christianity, and will even overstep their own nationality. They want to enter a post-Christian and post-national era. Today the questions are clearly visible: Are we going to continue on the road set by the principles of Christian life and national cultures? Will we still believe in moral truths independent of time and space? For those questions, we presently give different answers. There are some countries that answer YES, and there are those who answer with a NO. The big question of the future: How will a united Europe come from this?

My friends, there is one way I am sure there will not be: if each of us wants to force upon the other our mentality, our interests and goals. There is only one way to retain our unity, and that is if we accept our differences, if we have mutual respect. And instead of the United States of Europe, we create the Alliance of Free European Nations. There is no other way!

Respected Congress, my dear friends! Now I would like to talk about what and why we have to defend. It is a well-known fact that we Hungarians do not like empires. We especially do not like their rulers. We do not like it when the fate of our nation, instead of in our own, is in the hands of the rulers of an empire. Today an empire is once again threatening us. We are an obstruction to a plan that wants to eliminate nations and wants to create a mixed-race Europe. We are an obstruction to a financial and political empire that wants to execute this plan, no matter the cost.

Let’s not prevaricate! For the sake of the execution of the Soros plan, over all of Europe, they want to clear out of the way the governments that represent national interests, including us. In recent years Soros’ NGOs encompassed all determinant levels of the European decision-making process. They are also present in some Hungarian parties in the heartland. They behave like the activists of the Agitation and Propaganda Department of the late Soviet Communist Party. We — old warhorses — can recognize them by their stench! With more refined methods.

But Soros’ soldiers want to determine for us what we shall do, what to think, and moreover what we ourselves should be. [reference to progressive gender theory] For so long the situation was so simple: a human being was a man or a woman, was mother or father. Hungarian, German, or perhaps Russian, Christian or Muslim. Today, they want to force us into a world where these natural and clear outlines are definitely missing. That world has no sure points. It is not clear who is a man or a woman, what a family is, what it means to be Hungarian and Christian. They create a third gender, they mock fate, they qualify families as unnecessary, nations as outdated.

My dear friends, let’s speak clearly! Migration is not the goal but the instrument the of the Soros plan. Millions of people who ended up in unfortunate circumstances from Africa and the Middle East are lured to Europe, moreover are directly transported there, to weaken the nations and provide the final blow to Christian culture.

Let’s speak honestly: in that way, the Soros plan seriously endangers the safety of our everyday life, too. In the immigration-accepting countries of Europe, terror attacks become frequent, crime has increased, violence against women has multiplied, and anti-Semitism has flamed up again. That is what we must prevent! That is the danger we must protect our country from! When we say: let’s defend Hungary, we advertise that we must protect our work, our families, our safety, our rule of law, our industry and the Hungarian culture. And we must defend our future too.

What we did not tolerate from the Soviet empire, we will not tolerate from the Soros empire, either! We will defend our borders, we will prevent the implementation of the Soros plan, and finally, we will also win this fight!”




A complete transcript of the speech can be found here.

Augustine of Hippo: “wisdom and continence”

16 November 2017

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“Great are those two gifts, wisdom and continence: wisdom, forsooth, whereby we are formed in the knowledge of God; continence whereby we are not conformed to this world.”

St. Augustine of Hippo

St. Ambrose: “Faith means battles”

15 November 2017

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“Faith means battles; if there are no contests, it is because there are none who desire to contend.”

St. Ambrose