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Michael Bloomberg: “I could teach anybody, …to be a farmer”

19 February 2020


“The agrarian society lasted 3,000 years and we could teach processes. I could teach anybody, even people in this room, no offense intended, to be a farmer. It’s a process. You dig a hole, you put a seed in, you put dirt on top, add water, up comes the corn. You could learn that. Then we had 300 years of the industrial society. You put the piece of metal on the lathe, you turn the crank in the direction of the arrow and you can have a job. And we created a lot of jobs. At one point, 98 percent of the world worked in agriculture, now it’s 2 percent in the United States.”

Michael Bloomberg, displaying his ignorance of farming





Here’s someone else’s opinion:






“And on the eighth day, God looked down on his planned paradise and said, “I need a caretaker.”  So God made a farmer.

God said, “I need somebody willing to get up before dawn, milk cows, work all day in the field, milk cows again, eat supper, then go to town and stay past midnight at a meeting of the school board.” So God made a farmer.

“I need somebody with arms strong enough to wrestle a calf and yet gentle enough to deliver his own grandchild…somebody to call hogs, tame cantankerous machinery, come home hungry, have to wait for lunch until his wife’s done feeding visiting ladies – then tell the ladies to be sure and come back real soon – and mean it.”  So God made a farmer.

God said, “I need somebody willing to sit up all night with a newborn colt… and watch it die, then dry his eyes and say ‘Maybe next year.’  I need somebody who can shape an ax handle from a persimmon sprout, shoe a horse with a hunk of car tire, who can make a harness out of hay wire, feed sacks and shoe scraps. Who, planting time and harvest season, will finish his 40-hour week by Tuesday noon and then, painin’ from tractor back, put in another 72 hours.” So God made a farmer.

God had to have somebody willing to ride the ruts at double-speed to get the hay in ahead of the rain clouds and yet stop in mid-field and race to help when he sees the first smoke from a neighbor’s place.  So God made a farmer.

God said, “I need somebody strong enough to clear trees and heave bales, yet gentle enough to yean lambs and wean pigs and tend the pink-combed pullets, who will stop his mower for an hour to splint the broken leg of a meadowlark.”

It had to be somebody who’d plow deep and straight and not cut corners. Somebody to seed, weed, feed, breed, and brake, and disk, and plow, and plant, and tie the fleece and strain the milk, and replenish the self feeder… and finish a hard week’s work with a 5-mile drive to church.

Somebody who’d bale a family together with the soft, strong bonds of sharing… who would laugh, and then sigh… and then reply with smiling eyes when his son says that he wants to spend his life doing what Dad does.  So God made a farmer.”

Paul Harvey, 1978

Paul Harvey

















Camus: “it is men who pass away”

18 February 2020




“In this respect, our townsfolk were like everybody else, wrapped up in themselves; in other words they were humanists; they disbelieved in pestilences. A pestilence is not a thing made to man’s measure; therefore we tell ourselves that pestilence is a mere bogey of the mind, a bad dream that will pass away. But it does not pass away, and from one bad dream to the other, it is men who pass away.”

Albert Camus, The PlagueFRANCE. Paris. French writer Albert CAMUS. 1947.










Lorenzo Scupoli: “if we persist in imploring Him”

18 February 2020

unjust judge


“Humble patience, tirelessness and persistence in prayer conquer the unconquerable God and incline Him to mercy. According to the Lord’s parable, the importunity of the widow inclined a wicked and unjust judge to grant her petition (cf. Lk. 18:1 ff.). The Lord gave this parable for a special purpose ? to teach us not to faint, but to pray patiently. If an unjust judge was persuaded to grant the petition of the widow, how can God fail to incline His ear to our prayers, if we persist in imploring Him since He is the essence of lovingkindness?”

Lorenzo Scupoli, Unseen WarfareLorenzo Scupoli











“in the Establishment’s view, there is nothing good about Christianity”

17 February 2020

hatred of christians




“The Establishment has begun openly referring to Christianity as a religion of hatred without feeling the need to justify it in any way, shape, or form. Start getting used to this because this looks to be the new ‘norm’. This pretty much falls in line with the Establishment’s denunciation of Western civilization in general – a denunciation that has more or less been accepted as fact by most Westerners who are endlessly indoctrinated into believing that their civilization is reprehensible. This indictment against the West not only pushes everything negative to the forefront while simultaneously pushing everything positive into the background, but also involves a complete inversion of negative and positive until even the good Western civilization has done is considered evil. 

The same has been applied to Christianity, for the past two centuries at least, but with the exception of the French Revolution, it has rarely been as expressly clear and obvious as it is now. Simply put, in the Establishment’s view, there is nothing good about Christianity. Nothing good at all. Not only is it outdated and oppressive, but it has become in-accommodable. In other words, it has no place in the contemporary world. Anyone who continues to adhere to Christianity – real Christianity, not the watered pablum the Establishment has hijacked and endorsed – will be immediately suspect and likely regarded as someone consumed by a hateful ideology.”

Francis Berger


Read more here.







“If the world hates you, be aware that it hated me before it hated you.”

John 15:18

Blessed Theophylact: “the amount left”

16 February 2020

Blessed Theophylact


“When the Lord renders to each his due reward, He does not consider the amount given but the amount left.”

Blessed Theophylact, Explanation of the Gospel of St. Luke







Pat Buchanan:  “What is taking place in the West today”

15 February 2020

Pat Buchanan


 “What is taking place in the West today might be described as a struggle between the capital and the country it rules.
 People who see the policies they have voted for rejected again and again, by the very elites they defeated, will inevitably turn to other means to preserve what they have.”

Pat Buchanan, here








Immanuel Kant: “a way that you treat humanity”

15 February 2020

Immanuel Kant



“Act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, never merely as a means to an end, but always at the same time as an end.”

Immanuel Kant, Grounding for the Metaphysics of Morals/On a Supposed Right to Lie Because of Philanthropic Concerns