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John of Damascus: “the rock of faith and the Tradition of the Church”

8 December 2016

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“Wherefore, brethren, let us plant ourselves upon the rock of faith and the Tradition of the Church, removing not the landmarks set by our holy fathers, nor giving room to those who are anxious to introduce novelties and to undermine the structure of God’s holy ecumenical and apostolic Church. For if everyone were allowed a free hand, little by little the entire Body of the Church would be destroyed.”

St. John of Damascus

Maximus the Confessor: “carry out good to all men”

7 December 2016

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“I write these things not wishing to cause distress to the heretics or to rejoice in their ill-treatment — God forbid; but, rather, rejoicing and being gladdened at their return. For what is more pleasing to the Faithful than to see the scattered children of God gathered again as one? Neither do I exhort you to place harshness above the love of men. May I not be so mad!

I beseech you to do and to carry out good to all men with care and assiduity, becoming all things to all men, as the need of each is shown to you; I want and pray you to be wholly harsh and implacable with the heretics only in regard to cooperating with them or in any way whatever supporting their deranged belief. For I reckon it hatred towards man and a departure from Divine love to lend support to error, so that those previously seized by it might be even more greatly corrupted.”

St. Maximus the Confessor, Patrologia Graeca

“Lo He Comes With Clouds Descending”

7 December 2016

The Choir of Lichfield Cathedral.

Peter Hitchens: “Only one reliable force”

6 December 2016

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“Only one reliable force stands in the way of the power of the strong over the weak. Only one reliable force forms the foundation of the concept of the rule of law. Only one reliable force restrains the hand of the man of power. And, in an age of power-worship, the Christian religion has become the principal obstacle to the desire of earthly utopians for absolute power.”
Peter Hitchens, The Rage Against God: How Atheism Led Me to Faith

Wishing all a joyous Saint Nicholas Day.

6 December 2016

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Today is the feast of St. Nicholas, a man who gave us the tradition of Santa Claus. St. Nicholas gave away all of his wealth to those in need, in particular to needy children. His life is a reminder of the real spirit of Advent, a liturgical season in which we are called to make small sacrifices and give to others and prepare our hearts for the ultimate gift: Jesus.


Peter Hitchens: “Is there any point in public debate”

6 December 2016

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“Is there any point in public debate in a society where hardly anyone has been taught how to think, while millions have been taught what to think?”

Peter Hitchens

“cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops”

5 December 2016

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“The work of the devil will infiltrate even into the Church in such a way that one will see cardinals opposing cardinals, bishops against bishops”

The Apparition of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Akita, Japan, to Sister Agnes Sasagawa on Oct. 13, 1973.