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Tommy Robinson: “What’s changed?”

18 July 2018

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“Previous prime ministers, be it William Gladstone who said, ‘There will never be peace on this earth as long as we have the Koran, it’s an accursed and violent book.’ Then we have Winston Churchill who said, ‘Islam in a man is like rabies in a dog.’ And then we have David Cameron, who says Islam is a religion of peace. What’s changed? Because the Koran hasn’t changed.”

Tommy Robinson

Augustine of Hippo: “A Christian man is on his guard”

18 July 2018

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“A Christian man is on his guard with respect to those who philosophize according to the elements of this world, not according to God, by Whom the world itself was made; for he is warned by the precept of the apostle and faithfully hears what has been said, ‘Beware that no one deceive you through philosophy and vain deceit, according to the elements of the world’ (Col. 2:8).”

Saint Augustine of Hippo

“if you were looking to exterminate a people”

17 July 2018

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“The fact is, if you were looking to exterminate a people, by that I mean destroy their culture and identity, the first thing you would do is put the women to work. It’s not an accident that invaders who kill off the men and marry the women almost always adapt to the culture they conquered. That’s because the culture of a people is their women. Men have a role, but primarily as the guardians of the engine of their culture. Women are the ovens that bake the bread. Take away the oven and there can be no bread.

By ripping women out of their homes and putting them to work like field slaves, modernity has destroyed the natural framework of society. The state has tried to fill the void, which is why per capita, inflation adjusted government spending has quadrupled as women moved from the home to the workplace. All that government supervision of children and maintenance of synthetic community organizations comes with a direct cost, which shows up in paychecks and the cost of goods. It’s one reason the middle class is broke.”

The Z Blog

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Basil the Great: “Think of all these things in your heart”

17 July 2018

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“Our Savior was crucified for our sakes that by His death He might give us life and train and attract us all to endurance. To Him I press on, and to the Father and to the Holy Spirit. I strive to be found true, judging myself unworthy of this world’s goods; and yet not I because of the world, but the world because of me. Think of all these things in your heart; follow them with zeal; fight, as you have been commanded, for the truth to the death: For Christ was made ‘obedient’ even ‘to death’ (Phil. 2:8).”

Saint Basil the Great

Cyril of Jerusalem: “The first virtue of godliness”

16 July 2018

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“Let this commandment be especially observed by those here present who have fathers and mothers: ‘Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing to the Lord’ (Col. 3:20). The first virtue of godliness in Christians is to honor their parents to requite the troubles of those who gave them birth.”

Saint Cyril of Jerusalem

Cyril of Alexandria: “He was manifested in the flesh”

15 July 2018

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“The holy Paul, the priest of the divine mysteries, writes: ‘Great indeed, we confess, is the mystery of our religion: He was manifested in the flesh, vindicated in the Spirit, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world, taken up in glory’ (I Tim. 3:16). What then does ‘manifested in the flesh’ mean? It means that the Word of God the Father became flesh, not by a change or alteration of His own nature, but because having made the flesh taken from the holy Virgin His own, one and the same subject is called Son, before the Incarnation as the Word still incorporeal and after the Incarnation as the same Word now embodied. That is why we say that the same subject is simultaneously both God and man, not dividing Him conceptually into a human being with a separate individual identity and God the Word also with a separate identity, that we may exclude any idea of two Sons, but acknowledging that one and the same subject is Christ and Son and Lord.”

Saint Cyril of Alexandria

Irenaeus: “the privilege of continuance”

13 July 2018



“He who shall preserve the life bestowed upon him, and give thanks to Him Who imparted it, shall receive also length of days forever and ever. But he who shall reject it, and prove himself ungrateful to his Maker, inasmuch as he has been created, and has not recognized Him Who bestowed the gift upon him, deprives himself of the privilege of continuance forever and ever. And, for this reason, the Lord declared to those who showed themselves ungrateful towards Him: ‘If you have not been faithful in that which is little, who will give you that which is great?’ (cf. Lk. 16:11) indicating that those who, in this brief temporal life, have shown themselves ungrateful to Him Who bestowed it, shall justly not receive from Him length of days forever and ever.”

Saint Irenaeus