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Abba Arsenius the Great: “I have often regretted speaking”

27 May 2015

Abba Arsenius the Great

“I have often regretted speaking but never keeping silent”
– Abba Arsenius the Great

Chris Hedges: “The naive belief that history is linear, that moral progress accompanies technical progress, is a form of collective self-delusion.”

26 May 2015


“The naive belief that history is linear, that moral progress accompanies technical progress, is a form of collective self-delusion. It cripples our capacity for radical action and lulls us into a false sense of security. Those who cling to the myth of human progress, who believe that the world inevitably moves toward a higher material and moral state, are held captive by power. Only those who accept the very real possibility of dystopia, of the rise of a ruthless corporate totalitarianism, buttressed by the most terrifying security and surveillance apparatus in human history, are likely to carry out the self-sacrifice necessary for revolt.

The yearning for positivism that pervades our corporate culture ignores human nature and human history. But to challenge it, to state the obvious fact that things are getting worse, and may soon get much worse, is to be tossed out of the circle of magical thinking that defines American and much of Western culture. The left is as infected with this mania for hope as the right. It is a mania that obscures reality even as global capitalism disintegrates and the ecosystem unravels, potentially dooming us all.”

– Chris Hedges, read the whole article in Truthdig here.

It is a gripping article and I hope that you will want to read it. I agree with his main point even if I would want to add that, while there is no thing, no idea, and no mere person in this world that you can put your hope in, still there is One who came into the world to give us hope, and that hope is in Him solely .

Theodore Dalrymple: “The loss of the religious understanding of the human condition”

26 May 2015


“The loss of the religious understanding of the human condition—that Man is a fallen creature for whom virtue is necessary but never fully attainable—is a loss, not a gain, in true sophistication. The secular substitute—the belief in the perfection of life on earth by the endless extension of a choice of pleasures—is not merely callow by comparison but much less realistic in its understanding of human nature.”

– Theodore Dalrymple


Evagrius of Pontus: “The knowledge of Christ”

26 May 2015

Evagrius of Pontus

“The knowledge of Christ requires not an intellectual soul but a seeing (contemplative) soul.”

– Evagrius of Pontus

Theodore Dalrymple: “In their humble struggle is true heroism.”

25 May 2015


“The bravest and most noble are not those who take up arms, but those who are decent despite everything; who improve what it is in their power to improve, but do not imagine themselves to be saviours. In their humble struggle is true heroism.”

– Theodore Dalrymple

Gregory of Nazianzus: “Anarchia, Polyarchia, and Monarchia”

25 May 2015

Gregory of Nazianzus

“The three most ancient opinions concerning God are Anarchia, Polyarchia, and Monarchia. The first two are the sport of the children of Hellas, and may they continue to be so. For Anarchy is a thing without order; and the Rule of Many is factious, and thus anarchical, and thus disorderly. For both these tend to the same thing, namely disorder; and this to dissolution, for disorder is the first step to dissolution.”

– St Gregory of Nazianzus

WHITSUNDAY, by George Herbert

24 May 2015


WHITSUNDAY, by George Herbert

Listen sweet Dove unto my song,
And spread thy golden wings in me;
Hatching my tender heart so long,
Till it get wing, and flie away with thee.

Where is that fire which once descended
On thy Apostles? thou didst then
Keep open house, richly attended,
Feasting all comers by twelve chosen men.

Such glorious gifts thou didst bestow,
That th’ earth did like a heav’n appeare;
The starres were coming down to know
If they might mend their wages, and serve here.

The sunne, which once did shine alone,
Hung down his head, and wisht for night,
When he beheld twelve sunnes for one
Going about the world, and giving light.

But since those pipes of gold, which brought
That cordiall water to our ground,
Were cut and martyr’d by the fault
Of those, who did themselves through their side wound,

Thou shutt’st the doore, and keep’st within;
Scarce a good joy creeps through the chink:
And if the braves of conqu’ring sinne
Did not excite thee, we should wholly sink.

Lord, though we change, thou art the same;
The same sweet God of love and light:
Restore this day, for thy great name,
Unto his ancient and miraculous right.


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