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Silouan the Athonite: “God does not appear in riches, but in the humble heart”

27 June 2017

Silouan the Athonite.jpg


“Many rich and powerful men would pay dearly to see the Lord or His Most Pure Mother, but God does not appear in riches, but in the humble heart… Any of the poorest of men can be humbled and come to know God. He needs neither money nor reputation to come to know God, but only humility.”

St. Silouan the Athonite

Chrysostom: “There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity.”

26 June 2017

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“All passions are dishonorable, for the soul is even more prejudiced and degraded by sin than is the body by disease; but the worst of all passions is lust between men…. The sins against nature are more difficult and less rewarding, since true pleasure is only the one according to nature. But when God abandons a man, everything is turned upside down! Therefore, not only are their passions [of the homosexuals] satanic, but their lives are diabolic….. So I say to you that these are even worse than murderers, and that it would be better to die than to live in such dishonor. A murderer only separates the soul from the body, whereas these destroy the soul inside the body….. There is nothing, absolutely nothing more mad or damaging than this perversity.”

St. John Chrysostom, In Epistulam ad Romanos

Vladimir Lossky: “After the fall”

26 June 2017

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“After the fall, human history is a long shipwreck awaiting rescue:but the port of salvation is not the goal;it is the possibility for the shipwrecked to resume his journey whose sole goal is union with God.”

Vladimir Lossky

John Paul I: “love for our neighbor”

25 June 2017

John Paul I


“Let us ask the Lord for the grace that a new wave of love for our neighbor may sweep over this poor world.”

Pope John Paul I

John Paul I: “just fragments of good and fleeting moments of happiness”

24 June 2017

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“God is too great, he deserves too much from us for us to be able to throw to him, as to a poor Lazarus, a few crumbs of our time and our heart. He is infinite good and will be our eternal happiness: money, pleasure, the fortunes of this world, compared with him, are just fragments of good and fleeting moments of happiness. It would not be wise to give so much of ourselves to these things and little of ourselves to Jesus.”

Pope John Paul I

Theophan the Recluse: “As it is not possible to walk without feet …”

23 June 2017

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“As it is not possible to walk without feet or fly without wings, so it is impossible to attain the Kingdom of Heaven without the fulfillment of the commandments.”

St. Theophan the Recluse, Five Teachings on the Way to Salvation

God bless Poland, Hungary, and the Czech Republic!

23 June 2017

The elite that rule the European Union are threatening legal action against Poland, Hungary & the Czech Republic for their refusal to open their borders and accept in the, so called, “refugees.”  After all, how dare those sovereign nations oppose the EU’s plans to destroy their nations and culture!

Twice Poland has saved the rest of Europe from disaster. In the 17th Century it was King John III Sobieski repelling the Ottomans at the Gates of Vienna, saving Europe from Muslim conquest. Then in 1920 they turned back the Soviets and for a while stopped the spread of communism into the rest of Europe. That victory was undermined by the Germans who conspired with the communists to subjugate the Poles. Today it is the effete, enfeebled, enervated bureaucrats in Brussels who are plunging the continent into chaos. And who is taking a stand for God, Honor, and Country? It is the Poles, along with the Hungarians and Czechs. God bless them.